Functional Foods Beverages

"functional foods," are thought to provide benefits beyond basic nutrition and may play a role in reducing or minimizing the risk of certain diseases and other health conditions.

Functional characteristics of many traditional foods are being discovered and studied, while new food products are being developed to include beneficial components. By knowing which foods can provide specific health benefits, you can make food and beverage choices that allow you to take greater control of your health.

Biomylz’s Functional foods comply to the FDA food regulation by meeting the claims on 1. Nutrient content claim, 2. Structure & functional claims, 3. Dietary guidance claims, 4. Qualified health claims, 5. Health maintenance claims, 6. Non-disease claim.

Personalizing nutrition to an individual’s unique genetic makeup has the potential for positive health outcomes overall.

In confirming the benefits to be validated and claims to be made, Biomylz constantly investing in a strong and reliable body of credible scientific research is needed to confirm the benefits of any particular food or component. For functional foods to deliver their potential public health benefits, Biomylz strongly believe that the consumers must be able to rely on the scientific criteria that are used to document such health statements and claims.

Biomylz understands the science of nutrigenomics that involves the application of the human genome to nutrition and personal health to provide individual dietary recommendations.

By using an individual’s unique genetic makeup and nutritional requirements to tailor recommendations, Biomylz believes that the consumers may one have a greater ability to reduce their risk of disease and optimize their health.

In line with this requirement, Biomylz has a basket of products tailor made to suit the health requirements.

for e.g. : Carotenoids, dietary fibres, Unsaturated fatty acids, carefully selected plant flavonoids, Isothiocyanates, healthy minerals, plant phenolic acids, plant stannols & sterols, plant derived polyols, Phytoestrogens, plant proteins, natural thiols/thiones and natural vitamins.

Green Tea