Supplier Compliance

Biomylz’s fair business conduct:

Biomylz is committed to acting with integrity. Our suppliers help us earn and maintain trust and respect by conducting Biomylz business in accordance with Biomylz values.

We earn the trust and respect of our customers, regulators, and the general public through the manner in which we conduct our business and their resulting experiences.

Biomylz respects fair business conduct in its

  • Workplace
  • Interactions
  • Transactions
  • Shared information
  • Reporting

Supplier Compliance:

Through Supplier Diversity Development, Biomylz aspires to broaden participation of small and diverse-owned businesses in the Biomylz supplier base to levels more reflective of the diverse business community. Encouraging local, diverse businesses to grow as they work with Biomylz, in hope of attracting various business segments to our communities and creating a greater quality of life. Biomylz Promotes utilizing niche suppliers, because many times their flexibility and innovation give an advantage when achieving business results. Accessing additional expertise from diverse business brings fresh perspectives and cutting-edge opportunities from an often untapped source of talented suppliers. Biomylz views the business imperative with the objectives of supplier diversity program to develop local diverse suppliers which promote the vitality of the communities where we work. Stronger, more diverse communities help us attract and retain diverse talent. Plus, diverse suppliers often offer capabilities not available in larger businesses. The relationships we create help us achieve our corporate goals. Biomylz encourages the growth and development of diverse businesses through conducting periodical business executive education programs and mentoring of suppliers.