Cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals

Biomylz manufactures and distributes products in accordance with the new legislation requirements i.e. Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of chemical regulation or cosmetics Regulation.

Biomylz selects products that can be evaluated by alternative test methods that uses (reconstructed) tissues, whole cells or parts of cells. Biomylz a good understanding of recent advances in cell-based research include the development of two-dimensional and three-dimensional cell (co)-cultures which mimic very closely cells and tissues in the human body.

Biomylz has a priority on natural / herbal ingredient based cosmetics that are popular because of their close relation to Nature. These ingredients extracted directly from nature and thus are not known to cause allergies or side-effects. This type of products have in many cases been used for thousands of years, and the wide trust in the products has been passed on from generation to generations for many centuries.

The product category include Hair care, skin-care, nail care, baby & child care etc.

The cosmetic products are manufactured in the form of cream, Lotion, oil, gel, drops and other semisolid forms.

Biomylz produce the cosmetic products with utmost safety considerations specifically in the use of surfactants. The product composition are fine-tuned to comply with regulatory policies and guidelines of respective countries.

The products function in the segments of Anti-ageing, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-Acne, Skin-whitening, skin smoothening, skin texturing, that also has additional function of anti-bacterial, anti-mycotic and anti-inflammatory activity.

The products manufactured shall have good traceability and documentation history.

Cosmeceutical : A cosmetic product claimed to have medicinal or drug-like benefits. Cosmeceutical products are marketed as cosmetics, but reputedly contain biologically active ingredients.

Biomylz has expert team to evaluate cosmetic labelling, label claims, cosmetics Q&A.

Anti Wrinkle

Anti Ageing