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BioMylz is happy to be associated as your partner in contract manufacturing. With an experience of more than a decade, BioMylz has evolved as a qualified manufacturer of specialized nutritional supplements. We offer a variety of products ranging from capsules, powder, tablets, granules & liquid. We believe in delivering high quality and stable products

Pioneer Nutraceutical & Phyto-Pharmaceutical Company in India, headquartered in Bangalore, which adopts the concept of natural healing by enhancing the body’s own healing forces using natural remedies from herbal extracts, dietary supplements and phyto-molecular medicine. We are also the manufacturer & marketers of premium & innovative dietary supplement products from India.

Private Limited Company, ‘One stop’ dietary supplement contract manufacturer, that brand owners have depended on for best-in-class, "one-stop" solutions that save them time and money so they can go to market faster than their competitors. Our team help to bring hundreds of unique dietary supplement products to market.

Formed by experienced Directors Directors on the board with their collective experience of 7decades. Spanning from Marketing, Sales, Logistics and Technical expertise in Healthcare Industry.


About BioMylz - Product - Concept

BioMylz a Probiotics, Nutra & Phyto-pharmaceutical finished product manufacturer governed by well experienced 4 Directors & dynamic CEO, adopts the concept of natural healing by enhancing the body’s own healing forces using natural-remedies from herbal extracts, dietary supplements and phyto-molecular medicine. BioMylz is happy to share the domain knowledge while doing the contract manufacturing of premium & innovative dietary supplement products from India.

BioMylz's formulators understands that, 'In the process of all illnesses there are energetic and biochemical imbalances either in the form of deficiencies of vital substances or accumulation of harmful metabolites, which in turn disrupt the health state of the human being'. Biomylz products are aimed to heal the whole person rather than just suppressing the symptoms of diseases, in accordance with this principle we manufacture range of products to offer 'a more comprehensive natural method of treatment for a variety of diseases through regaining the balance of the human being as a whole'.


2017 – Incorporated

2018 – Facility Set up

2019 – Licences /Certifications

FSSAI, ISO 9001-2015

USFDA Audit cleared

2020 – SEDEX SMETA Social Audit cleared

NSF Audit cleared for Supplement & OTC

2021 – UL audit cleared

NSF ANSI 455-2 & 455-4 cleared

Middle East Registration

2022 – FSSC 22000; GRMA; ISO22000,HACCP NAFDAC

Uzbek Registration LATAM


BioMylz is committed to provide you a high quality product with the support and expertise of knowledgeable chemists and research team who can help you design a formula that is unique and cost effective.

With a customized project plan based on your business requirements we provide full range of services

  • Unique formulation development
  • Optimization of existing formulation
  • We can provide formulations in hard gelatin & HPMC (vegetarian) capsules
  • Formulation of various encapsulated ingredients
  • Formulations of beadlets / pellets in capsules
  • Supplements in form of granules / powder in sachets
  • Formulations can be developed in sustained release form for various ingredients
  • We can make chewable tablets of various combination & flavours
  • Sports nutrition / body building supplements, weight loss tablets can also be formulated in various combinations as powder or granules
  • We specialize in innovative concept products
  • We can also provide formulations in soft gelatin capsules


Biomylz Is Equipped To Give Truly Unique And Credible Products That Will Uplift Your Brand To The New Level Of Accomplishment

We have various formulation facilities as mentioned below :

  • Dedicated manufacturing facility for tablets, capsules, powder & liquid
  • Pilot herbal extraction facility for high end phyto molecules
  • Powder filling done in auger filler machine – untouched by man
  • Coating facility for specialized sustain release formulations
  • Shrink wrapping facility available for outer packing
  • Batch numbers are printed through inkjet printing machine
  • Cereal roasting facility
  • Milling and particle size reduction facility
  • Core manufacturing process takes place in an air handling unit which is equipped with a pre-filter of 10 microns followed by a final filter of 5 microns.

Our Strength

We have various formulation facilities as mentioned below :

  • ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company
  • Manufacturing facility falling in line of GMP standards
  • Sufficient stock of raw material maintained to ensure timely delivery
  • Assist in product development & scientific inputs
  • Trained & competent personnel carry out the manufacturing & packaging activities
  • Scientific approach to all the ground realities
  • Commitment towards delivery schedules
  • Exclusive relationship manager to handle specific needs


We Desire To Meet The Highest Quality And Safety Standards In Packaging With Regard To Finding Practical And Affordable Ways To Make Packaging More Sustainable

  • We provide innovative packaging suggestion
  • Our in-house graphic designer & artists can design attractive label for you
  • We can also help you develop your product brochure
  • Tablets & capsules can be given in glass & HDPE container packs
  • Blister packing & strip packing facility also available
  • Sample packaging facility available
  • Powder formulation in sachets & HDPE containers can be provided
  • Printed shrink sleeves can be provided for attractive looks on HDPE container
  • Certification of food grade containers can be provided from our vendors


Quality is a critical factor in nutrition & food supplement industry. We possess a well equipped QC which is responsible to carry out the analysis of raw materials, packaging materials, in-process samples and finished products and ensure documentation of the same. To ensure the microbiology quality of operational areas as well as the quality of finished products, a well equipped microbiology laboratory supports the QC.

Order & Pricing

We Offer Superior Products At The Most Competitive Prices. The Price Depends On The Quantity, The Type Of Packaging, The Availability Of Raw Materials, The Involvement Of Different Process Etc.

  • We do rolex replica not use substandard or low quality raw material. However, we can offer best price as we are bulk buyers for most of the raw materials and we have qualified people with us to track the price as per the market resolutions.
  • The minimum order quantity we can manufacture is 50000 capsule or tablets while 2500 for powder & liquid.
  • Delivery of the products can be made within 21 working days after the receipt of the confirmed order complete packing material.
  • Write to us today! With your needs for custom & private label / contract manufacturing services.

BioMylz's probiotics formulation and manufacturing

Possessing greater understanding of Probiotics, prebiotics and gut health is the strength of BioMylz which made us to thrive on to be one of the best Gut-similar health promoter companies in India. Probiotics's growing presence in global communities has boosted us to be proud innovative manufacturer and marketers of Probiotics products especially the high stable, dual phase delivery products.

While formulating, BioMylz considers the power of healthy symbiotic probiotics, clinically evaluated anti-oxidants, plant secondary metabolites, which have become the necessities of today. Modern lifestyles have made people vulnerable to unhealthy food habits and excessive stress. Anti-oxidant formulations selected by BioMylz are now considered to be the best supplements to negate the harmful effects of these unavoidable circumstances.

Collaboration and working with counterparts

Currently BioMylz has signed a vast number of collaboration agreements with scientific industries, universities, product distributors and independent technology experts. We drive through trust, commitment, transparency and long term business relationship.

The contract manufactured nutraceutical products are also carefully formulated to comply with health needs without differentiating the quality with respect to the own products. Formulated products composed of ingredients that are their richest sources in the given geography.

Leveraging on its rich domain expertise, Biomylz is increasing its momentum to carve a niche for itself in the wellness industry. The collaborator / customer will be rest assured that the specific products supplied are one-of-a-kind and best-in-class. We at Biomylz set high standards for ourselves, which reflect in our wide range of nutraceutical products.

Current Equipments

  • 240 CH Double track packing machine for Blister pack
  • Semi-Caps for 9000/hr – capsule filling
  • Fully automatic capsule filling
  • Conventional coating machine
  • Auto Coater machine
  • Sachet Filling
  • 500 kg Blender
  • Fully Automatic Tube filling
  • 500 kg ointment preparation vessels
  • 2000 litre liquid preparation vessel
  • 150 CH Blister packing m/c
  • 160l Double cone blender
  • 510 nm Vibratory sifter
  • 45 kgs Mass mixer
  • Tray drier
  • Fluid Bed Drier
  • 20 station Tablet compressor[single rotary]
  • 27 station Tablet compressor[Double rotary]
  • 45 station Tablet compressor[single rotary

Production Capacity (Powders - Packaging Form*)

Current Capacity Spare Capacity
Sachets (1g to 35g) – 5 million/month 2 million/month
Stick Packs (1g to 20g) – 60 million/month 10 million/month
Jars (200g to 4kg) – 30000 /month 10000/month
Pouches (200g to 2kg) – 40000/month 25000/month
Bulk powder bags (25kgs) 100 bags/month