We Care For your Health, Environment, Lifestyle

Your Environment

Frequent changes in the environment, especially rise in pollution, can result into a number of chronic health problems. If prevention is taken beforehand in a natural way with the right , traditionally evident, scientifically evaluated nutritionals, health issues can be delayed or even bypassed. Nature has excellent molecules to make your best fit to the changed environment and make you adapt to the new environment. It is the high time to update ourselves about the natural remedies so that our next generation will not suffer.

Your Lifestyle

The modern world is a witness to changing lifestyles. Speeding communities have led to irregular and incorrect food habits, topped with increasing stress and limited exercise. Such unhealthy practices close, all means of preventing diseases. Managing health using nature derived probiotics, food based phytoactives, traditionally practiced applications is the first choice by caring parents and caring

Your Food

Population, especially in developing countries, is forever on the rise, inturn we see a change in food habits in addition to urbanized food habits. The pace of food cultivation cannot match up with that of population explosion. This leads to a compromise on the quality of food produce. Necessory calorific nutritionals along with plant secondary metabolites is compromised in much of food types. Supplementation with essential bioactives, natural food ingredients is the prime focus of BioMylz.

About Biomylz


  • Formulation Innovation

  • Uncompromised Quality

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Scientific Approach

Our Portfolio

Corporate Introduction


Manufacturing Facility at Bangalore - India, establised in March 2017, Leading producer of finished products of Food Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Probiotics, OTC, cosmetics. Significant B2B player as contract manufacturer and Neutral labeler of solid/liquid dosage forms. Supports FR&D, statutory

Established In

Established client portfolio comprising mix of Big pharma, and leading generic players. Clients in Canada, USA, Lattam, UK, Europe, UAE and India, directly dealing with clients without intermediaries, who will distribute the products to consumers through various strategic channels. Mutual support with agreements, registrations, dossiers, technology transfers, Research & developments and timely interaction with other healthcare landscape stakeholders.

Track Record

Successful track record of quality & safety compliance with globally recognised regulatory approvals.


Positioned as premium producer of Health products from India, with attractive contract model based on longterm strategic partnerships with key customers

Our Capability

Formulation Innovation

Most of our Innovative Products are formulated, validated and manufactured with unique combination of natural ingredients that are carefully selected from its traditional use mapping and scientific studies. Our primary focus is on safety and compliance to International regulatory norms.

Wide range of Phytoactives and Natural molecules

BioMylz caters to various health segments through formulating with extraordinarily wide range of phytoactives. Our areas of expertise range from Gut Health to Brain Health that substitutes the lacunae created by Synthetic drug pharmacokinetics.

Quality Compliance according to your country's FDA norms

While developing our nutraceutical products, Safety & Intended Quality according to your country's FDA, Health Ministry guidelines are the primary conditions that deems upon us. Due to the same reason, we ensure to select & use Evidence based, Validated, Qualified ingredients before making formulations and use by the communities.

Screening 'traditional use' and bibliographic clinical references

Our team constantly refers clinical and 'traditional use evidences' and upgrades the scientific knowledge on every ingredient of the product. Asia & Africa houses a large percentage of herbal resource of the world, so also the traditional, clinical and non-clinical use data.

Licences and Certifications